Old Value Village/REI space Reopening as Temporary Arts Space


Slightly old news but the old Value Village/REI space directly across the street from my studio is going be opening as a temporary arts space this month.  I’ve already been enjoying seeing the dance classes in the space and look forward to see what else the space brings to the block.


KUOW also recently did a radio piece about the space which you can listen to here:


Old Navy Discouraging Artists

Apparently people are up in arms against Old Navy not for making crappy clothes but for encouraging kids to aspire to be president or an astronaut.

Parenting advice: let them be an astronaut or president.

Also, if your child is discouraged from art via a sweatshirt I hate to break it to you but she/he wouldn’t have made it far anyway.



old navy hates artists


KUOW’s “Seattle Is Too Expensive For Artists Who Help It Boom”

KUOW has put a great story that hits incredibly close to home.  More than any story I’ve read I feel like I could have been the featured interview.  But I haven’t been caught in the undertow of the area.

High Voltage, the featured store and interview in the story, was a shop I walked by on a daily basis a a few blocks from the studio.   I’ve also worked with Matthew Richter on a few storefronts projects around town (that man is great.)

Talking about how the neighborhood has changed feels like a broken record though.  Still, I have no plans to move from my space on 11th and will hold out as long as I can.



High Voltage Music co-owner Chris Lomba


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